To “walk in the spirit” is to Walk the good path. It is our Way of life. It is about honor And respect for others, our Beloved Elders, our Mother Earth, and the Great Mystery. It is about good intentions. "Walk in the Spirit" with us the Third Weekend of September, and walk with the good path everyday!

-Pow Wow Committee

Traders will be by invitation only. Local radio and TV stations will be notified, along with newspapers. Advertising will also appear on various internet sites and flyers will be distributed along the Red Road throughout the pow wow season. We will make avery attempt to make this a successful business venture for our traders. Most importantly, we hope the traders who come enjoy the spirit of our gathering.

If you are new to our gathering, it is our policy to visit your trader stand before we offer you a trader application. If you are interested, but do not travel the Red Road through Michigan, please contact us anyway!

Crest of the Anishnabe Preference will be given to American Indian traders who trade traditionally made items and/or supplies.

Our committee hopes all our traders are successful and as a courtesy to help facilitate their success, we try to limit the number of traders who trade the same items.

Our pow wow grounds are beautiful, but space is limited.

Get Directions to Charlton Park, Hastings, MI.

For more information contact us.
Anne Bush: (616) 633-0029
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